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Dabbing Rigs

Smokers, no matter what they smoke, may seem hard to buy for if you don’t know what else they enjoy. After you buy them that fourth decorative ash tray, what else is there to get for their next birthday or holiday? Actually, there are many different gifts and smoking accessories that a smoker may enjoy. Here are just a few of them at our head shop.



If the smoker in your life enjoys rolling his own cigarettes, you can purchase some cigarette rolling papers for him. There are actually many different types of rolling papers available. Many are standard 70mm size, but there are some extra long rolling papers, king size rolling papers, and some that are only slightly longer than normal. There are also flavoured rolling papers and blunts. These come in flavours like blueberry, French martini, Georgia peach, Jamaican rum, sour apple, strawberry, banana, absinth, fudge, caramel, and more. You can also buy rolling paper on a roll (instead of single sheets, like most rolling papers), and there are even special rolling machines available from our headshop.



Digital scales can also make a great gift. These scales are so precise that they can measure changes in weight as small as .001g. Digital scales are great for those who want to know precisely how much tobacco they are putting in each cigarette they roll. Most digital scales feature different weight modes, backlit readout, and are battery operated so users can take them wherever they want.



For those who prefer using a bong instead of smoking cigarettes, there are many different types of bongs available for gifts. These include acrylic bongs, glass bongs, ceramic bongs, metal bongs, and even wooden bongs. Bongs come in a large variety of shapes, colours, and sizes and some are even more of a novelty collector’s item. While it’s possible to create a homemade bong, they often leak. Professionally made bongs from our head shop, however, are sealed so that they will last for years. A good, quality bong will feature a water tight seal and a plastic cap that can be removed for easy cleaning, while cheap bongs often don’t have this cap, which can lead to leaking.



For those who want a cleaner alternative to the bong, there’s the vaporizer. A vaporizer works by heating up the herbs or the ingredients of a plant to such a high degree that the active ingredient boils into a vapour that can be inhaled. Since the actual herb or plant isn’t being burned, there is no carcinogenic smoke or tar released into the air. This makes the vaporizer a healthier way of smoking, although it may not appeal to everyone. Many vaporizers look very modern, and there aren’t as many different varieties or styles as there are with bongs.



Of course, there are many other smoking accessories at our headshop, you can buy the smoker in your life. Hookah pipes present another way of inhaling smoke, while the electronic cigarette is a smoke-free alternative to those who want the nicotine without any of the harmful toxins.

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