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A bong or water pipe will not only prove to be a useful tool, but also a great gift idea for any of your smoking friends.
We offer a choice of different materials including Acrylic Bongs, Glass Bongs, and Ceramic bongs, with even the option of a fold down plastic bong.

The bong has developed over the years to provide different cooling methods for a smoother smoke. The two most popular are the water pipes / water bongs, and the Ice catchers.

Along with various cooling methods ways of keeping a cleaner bong were created. Some bongs feature two chambers to provide a spare for cleaning, capturing tar before it has the chance to DESTROY all. Various cleaning products and bong accessories were also created such as liquid bong cleaner, brushes, and pokies

Whether it be one of the sensational Roor Bongs, A Gravity Bong, Killer bong, or a simple plain acrylic water pipe; we provide low prices, quick and cheap delivery, and a central hub for all your smoking needs.


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