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The heart of Brighton old town contains the famous ‘Lanes’, which is now an exclusive pedestrian shopping region - a collection of converted fisherman’s cottages and narrow cobbled alleys filled with antique shops, clothes shops, cafe's, restaurants, and pubs.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles contain the first recorded mention of the town of 'Beorthelm', which remained a small fishing village up until the 18th century by which time it was known as 'Brighthelmstone'.

The area of Brighthelmstone occupied by the original
fishing village is now known as 'The Lanes'.

The term 'The Lanes' is also thought to be derived from 'Laine' - an old unit of Anglo-Saxon field measurement.

In the early 1960's The Lanes were due to be demolished, but thankfully public opinion turned against the scheme.
'The Marketplace' itself was established soon after, in 1967, and the historic sight we know today was reborn.

'The Marketplace' & 'Meeting House Lane' are situated at
the North Street entrance to 'The Lanes'.


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