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Shisha Pipe - Hookah Pipes

The Hookah and Shisha pipe is said to have originated in India in the 16th century.
It was produced using coconut shells and bamboo.
By the 17th century the
Hookah and Shisha pipe had spread to Iran, the Arab world and onto Turkey.
When the Hookah arrived in the Arab world manufactures started to develop it,
changing the coconut shells for glass, and the bamboo for metals.
There are over one billion regular
Hookah and Shisha pipe smokers in the world today and popularity for the hookah is increasing all the time.

Through out the years more and more flavours of Herbal Molasses and Shisha Tobacco have hit the market, so now there is no worries about finding the perfect flavour for you own smoking pleasure.




Click below to play How to use a Shisha - Hookah Guide Click below to play the Hookah Cleaning Guide

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