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V-Tower Vaporizer Multi Purpose Hot Air Machine
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V-Tower Vaporizer Multi Purpose Hot Air Machine


Comes with a 3 year warranty and a life time warrenty on the heating element!

The V-Tower muilty purpose Hot air machine caters for all you heating needs acting as a:

  • Potpourri Warmer
  • Essential Oil diffuser
  • Aromatherapy device
  • Herbal Steamer / Vaporizer

This is the latest version of the V-tower!

"Complete with features you won't find any where else and so efficient it pays for itself!"


1x Three Foot Whip
1x Cyclone Bowl
1x Potpourri/Aroma Therapy Dish
1x Package Replacement Stainless Steel Screens
1x Glass Stirring Tool
1x Instructions

The V-tower is the fan-less version of the extreme, using a whip dispatch system like other leading vaporisers rather then a fan based whip system .


Key Features of the Arizer Vaporiser


Where as most other vaporiser use metals, plastics, Teflon, aluminium and even wood in their construction or parts the V-tower and the Extreme tower were possible uses where possible the strongest high quality glass. This avoids any harmful toxins, takes away bad taste and provides a pure smoke.

Ariser vaporisers come with the best bowl on the Market an upright Cyclone Bowls. The glass bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently releasing the full flavour and potency.

The Extreme model operates with incredible precision and the temperature and preset temperatures are shown on a beautiful LCD display.

The heater element is ceramic so there is no concern about toxins or bad tastes which can be experience in metal heaters.

Both vaporisers come equipped with a longer whip made from real food/medical grade tubing providing a cooler, smoother, taster vapour. The whips are made from.

The Extreme model from Arizer comes with detachable balloons. The benifit of this is that it provides you with freedom of movement, which is perfect when using the vaporiser with a group of friends.

For hygienic reasons the vaporisers come with interchangeable mouthpieces allowing a quick and easy replacement mouthpiece to be used.

Each vaporiser comes with an auto shut off timer with 2 or 4 hour setting.

Each unit has a LED Indicator Light as well as a digital display. The Control Panel of the system shows Set Temp and Actual Temp, Timer, displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.

If you want to make your machine completely portable you can also purchase a battery unit.

To sum up Arizer have paid attention to every detail to provide you with years of reliable performance. Both these models are competing strongly with the Volcano both in quality and price bringing you one step closer to the perfect vaporising experience.

This product can be used with our herbal inscence range, and our essential oils.

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