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What is a Vaporizer?

A Vaporizer is a device to extract the active or essence ingredients of a plant or herb. The Vaporiser is an alternative to smoking, instead of burning the herbs or plant matter which can produce toxic tar and carcinogenic smoke the vaporizer heats the plant or herb so that the active ingredient and compounds boil into a vapor. The vapor can then be inhaled. As vaporizers work at much lower temperature, than combustion (burning), there is little or no smoke impurities and nasty gases such as carbon monoxide.

We offer a great range or vaporizers starting with the daddy of them all the Volcano Vaporizer. The volcano vaporiser is pretty much a standard piece of equipment in the coffee shops in the Dam. Dont for get the amazing Extreme Q and V Tower vaporizer. For something a littler easer on the pocket and just as brilliant is the Iolite portable vaporizer. Our range of glass vaporizers are a low cost way into vaporizing with the eagle bill shake and vape and Vapbong with you controlling the heat with a flame. Don’t for get to check out our vaporiser spares and accessories section for your volcano bags and Iolite spare mouth pieces Extreme Q and V Tower spares and much more! 

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