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Incredibowl i420

Incredibwl I420 has arrived at the MarketPlace-Brighton. We are all very excited by this one, to put it mildly. 

The Incredibowl is the product of countless hours of design, testing, research and
development. We threw out every bit of conventional wisdom about glass pieces:
that they have to be fragile, that the carb has to be a small valve, and that throat
and lung irritation comes with the territory

And they are not kidding the award winning incredibowl pipe has a solid and robust feel using aircraft  6061 T6 grade Aluminium along with polycarbonate expansion chamber also used in aircraft wind screen and bullet proof glass. But its not just the toughness of this amazing pipe it’s the design. Using CAD (computer added design) and machined with CNC precision giving the Incredibowl its “one-of-a-kind flow dynamics” for a smoother smoke cleaner hit and less lung irritation. A Borosilicate glass bowl element that can with stand serious impact incorporating BowlArmor technology, so the smoke taste is what you smoked and not what you smoke it in.

The Incredibowl Presented in a super tough water restant outdoor case case. 23 X 16 X 8 Cm

The Incredibowl Pipe Size 20 cm lomg 4.5 cm in diameter .



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